barčot oil mill

The Barčot family is a family of farmers and fishermen who consistently prove that it is possible to make great things from what their rugged island provides them.

Inspired by Korčula's ancient olive growing tradition, grandfather Marin began harvesting and processing olives in 1996. Traditional processing, one stone mill, three hydraulic presses and a great deal of hard work made Marin into an important olive grower and processor in the town of Vela Luka.

production and services

Barčot oil mill is equipped with modern technology, which allows olive processing to be carried out in three phases. During decanting, oil, dry pomace and vegetative water are separated. Processing is fully computerized, which reduces the risk of error to an absolute minimum.


Vela Luka extra virgin olive oil

Produced from local olive varieties. The unique processing method ensures all minerals and vitamins are preserved, resulting in a completely natural product.